What is suppression?

Suppression is a strategy used by mind a defense mechanism, to avoid thoughts that might be uncomfortable or irritating when a emotional dilemma . Psychology uses the word “suppression” to refer to an adaptive or defense mechanism by which a person faces their emotional conflicts and threats of an external and internal nature, intentionally avoiding thinking about those desires, problems, experiences or feelings that cause discomfort, or that contained them and did not allow them to express themselves without the use of repression .

In this sense, this mechanism allows to the man avoid the behaviors or situations that may lead to the satisfaction of their needs to the detriment or enslavement of others. This can be verified, for example, in the case of those who decide not to think about sexuality in the work environment, as it can bring risks in the work environment, to the point of losing their source of job.

Therefore, through exclusion, the person exercises control specific about itself. O power suppression can be especially effective in a given context. For example, to combat the negative thought . In this case, the person can train the conscious habit of exchanging a negative thought for a positive one that is alternative and whose message is more hopeful.

Running away from problems and fears does not solve them. In the same way, in case of suffering a certain fear, one can practice the exercise of stopping in thought, that is, leaving the mind blank to free the mind of worries and recover the positive energies. each being human struggle with their own fears and insecurities.

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However, suppression is not the magic potion of human happiness because there are experts who also point out the risks you may have of turning your back on a certain reality , as those thoughts you want to ignore can sometimes come even more forcefully. As with repression, whatever is repressed may tend to surface even more forcefully, for example in dreams.

Likewise, there is talk of erasing parts that are not vital to the development an oral presentation, in addition to the elimination of certain elements from the texts; The best example of this can be seen in the editions of some books, where certain chapters are excluded, as they are only dedicated to addressing questions about the environment and the psychology of the characters.

The coinage can be used to form the plate.

Stamping is a step in the manufacturing process where dies are used to punch metal blanks in preparation for processing and finishing. For example, a company that manufactures medals might run a sheet metal coil through a molding machine, which cuts circles that can be stamped with the medal’s design.

The matrices used for this process can be generic or customized for specific projects. This method is used in the production of a variety of metal components, from computer parts to precision tools.

Most commonly, erasing is done with a metal coil. Coils are easier to handle than single sheets because they are compact when not in active use and can be loaded into manufacturing equipment for high-speed processing. Companies can customize the alloy used in a coil, as well as the thickness and width to suit a given project. Larger coils may require processing in special facilities because the erasing equipment may need to be extremely large.

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In the stamping phase of manufacture, dies punch patterns into the metal, like a cookie cutter. The cookie, so to speak, becomes the workpiece; it can be stamped to a design, finished to smooth the edges, and treated if the metal needs patina or coating. The remaining dough can be recycled for use in other projects. Drilling, the opposite manufacturing process, drills holes in a workpiece and discards the contents of the holes as scrap.

Companies can hire this service if they do not have the equipment. A company may supply spools or use customer-supplied ones, and may use their own custom blanks or dies that the customer orders.

Costs for commercial suppression may depend on the project. Discounts may be available for high volume orders as much of the cost involves setting up and calibrating the equipment. Additional services may include grinding to remove burrs, as well as stamping and polishing, depending on customer requirements.

Precision cutting, a related service, produces metal parts to very close tolerances. This may be necessary for tools, electrical components and some other special circumstances.

In this case, whitespace cannot vary from the default because it may not work correctly; in precision machining, for example, a small marginal difference can mean that two parts do not articulate properly. They can be subject to wear-induced damage and failure, which is not desirable.

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