What is steel scaffolding?

Steel scaffolding is favored when large weights must be held.

Steel Scaffolding is an access scaffold that allows workers to reach high and remote locations, made of steel for strength and durability. Scaffolding provides temporary access during construction, maintenance and repairs, and steel is one of the many materials a company can choose from when installing scaffolding. It is often necessary to use steel when the scaffold needs a high weight rating, will be used in harsh conditions, or must be extremely durable. Alternatives may include aluminum and wood scaffolding supplies.

Structural scaffolding made of steel has a number of advantages. Steel is very strong and durable, with elasticity in a variety of conditions. It is not so elastic as to bend and break, but it is also not rigid, which could expose you to the risk of cracks and other failures. Steel scaffolding is capable of supporting very high weights, allowing people to use it with heavy equipment and supplies. After a certain height, steel scaffolding becomes necessary due to the weight of the scaffold itself, even before anything is loaded.

Builders can maintain their own supplies or they can hire a company to create temporary access for a project. Steel scaffolding projects are typically bolted and clamped together, although they can be welded together in some cases. They are designed to be reusable and may include decking, security cables and other supplies to make them safer and easier to work with. In a situation where workers may be working with electricity, it can also be insulated to reduce the risk of electric shock.

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Low steel scaffolding units can be mounted on wheels and folded for greater mobility. Personnel can move equipment within a job site or between sites without having to go to great lengths to configure it for each new use. One problem with mobile products, however, is the increased risk of theft. Anyone could enter the job site and remove the equipment, unlike larger, more fixed scaffolding, which would require a work crew to dismantle and move.

For construction projects that require tall scaffolding for access, an engineer may be involved in the design and installation process. Workers need to regularly check all components for signs of wear, loose parts and so on, and must wear proper safety equipment when working at great heights. For mobile platforms such as those used by window washers, the control system also needs to be maintained to ensure it will function properly when the cleaner needs to raise and lower the platform for access.

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