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Standing, or bipedalism, refers to the action of walking using two legs. I mean; It is known as the ability to maintain an upright position, stand and move around using only the legs. Birds and humans are bipeds. The development of this ability was an important feature in the evolution of man.

The question of when the situation began in hominids is a classic in scientific discussions of human evolution. As a young man, attending university, in the 70s of the last century, he was associated with the use of tools by the genus Homo. Therefore, it was related to the emergence of stone technology, since two hands are usually needed to make an instrument, that is, the distal parts of the upper extremities must be free to perform sequential striking movements, in order to obtain a certain morphology. for later use.

The discovery of fossilized footprints from Laetoli (Tanzania) 3.2 million years ago, and more similar to those of species of the genus Homo, opened the door to the contrast of the existence of the upright position in a very ancient period, it could be concluded that Australophitecus afarensis was already walking upright. That is, before the stone technology existed, the upright position was already consolidated.

Bipedalism was probably the physiological transformation that made us men or homo sapiens. Scientists estimate that we have been walking upright for about four million years.

We currently know that the presence represents an important acquisition for hominids to adapt later, and as a result of climate changes, to the cerrado, obtaining greater vision at a distance, reducing the capture of heat and favoring the possible transport with the upper extremities. etc.

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