What is spinach roulade?

An important ingredient in spinach roulade, spinach is rich in vitamins A and C and minerals like manganese, iron and potassium.

A spinach roll is a dish that uses spinach and is rolled up. Classically, this dish consists of an egg sponge wrapped in a stuffing of boiled spinach. This forms a log-shaped roulade, which is cut into slices before serving. A versatile dish, spinach roulade can be made with many different ingredients, and you can use spinach in the filling, the outer layer, or both.

While there are numerous varieties of spinach roulade, this dish is based on the principles of French cuisine and often uses ingredients typical of France. Roulade is a French word meaning “rolled up” and can refer to any food rolled up. There are many traditional French spinach roulade recipes, as well as more modern recipes that use nontraditional ingredients. The versatility of this dish allows it to adapt to the most diverse flavors and dietary restrictions.

There are many different recipes that can be used to make the spinach roulade filling. Pure spinach can be used, although adding other ingredients like onions, garlic, butter, or seasonings will add more flavor to the stuffing. The stuffing needs to be cooked before being made into a bun and is usually sautéed until soft. In addition to spinach, several complementary ingredients can be added to spinach rolls for added flavor. Salmon, cream cheese, and vegetables are commonly mixed with the spinach filling or layered on the roulade.

Once the stuffing has been assembled and cooked, it needs to be placed in a rollable substance. An egg sponge is commonly used because the flavor of the egg complements the spinach and can easily be wrapped around the spinach filling. You can also make a spinach roulade with a layer of flavorful cake that has enough flexibility not to disintegrate when rolled. In some recipes, chopped spinach is added to this layer of the swiss roll, which can be stuffed with other ingredients.

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After the outside and inside of the roulade are assembled, it is rolled up. Most recipes call for the bread to be baked again, though often for just a few minutes. After this second cooking, the roulade is cut and served in slices.

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