What is Soundtrack

The band’s sound is the full sound part and the result of editing different soundtracks, whether dialogues, sounds and worked music or parallel accompaniments. Typically, and with rare exceptions, the term refers only to the music of a film or the commercialization of musical themes from a work, such as video games, television and radio shows.

Including soundtracks in movies was a time-consuming task. The first steps in doing this were trying to get a projector and a phonograph to work together. When the cinema was silent, on many occasions there was musical accompaniment. At times, it was a great opportunity to see images and enjoy musical pieces by great artists. But most of the time, the music didn’t match the action of the movie and, in fact, the bands were just simulating the noises of the tape reels.

That’s why it’s also known as “original soundtrack” because the music is composed exclusively for that performance, usually in a commercial production, the film director meets the conductor (composer) in the post-production phase to compose together, the “soundtrack”. sound” is the moment when the director shows the footage of the footage to the musicians and brands in which he wants a certain composition, which shows that the director has already incorporated what he wants to convey, confirming that image and sound are the parts of the whole, so this “soundtrack” will be sold as a commercial product obviously separate from the image.

Since cinema was invented until today, many movies have seen their soundtrack become a critical part of their success. This is what happened with films like “Rocky”, “The Mission”, “Grease”, “The Bridge on the River Kwai”. , “Gone with the wind” or “Casablanca”. “The Godfather”, “Pulp Fiction”

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From the 1960s onwards, soundtracks took on a more commercial character, mainly for the sale of records, taking into account the popularity of some artists such as the Beatles. Technology has allowed soundtracks to be an essential part of a film, which allows it to intensify the emotions it wants to convey. In addition, it achieved worldwide popularity from great artists such as Celine Dion with the soundtrack of the film Titanic or Whitney Houston with the soundtrack of the film The Bodyguard.

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