What is slope?

First, what we must do is determine the etymological origin of the word slope with which we are now dealing. Specifically, we must emphasize that it is found in Latin and more precisely in the word pour .

A slope is a slope or place where water runs. It is usually a sloping toposurface located between high points (such as peaks, peaks, or ridges) and low points. The slope can have different profiles, according to the action of erosion and the rocky characteristics of the terrain. The height, slopes, surface, vegetation and sun exposure vary according to each slope.

Due to their geographical location between mountains, valleys often have slopes. It is common for rivers and streams to flow down the slopes and allow the populations of the region to take advantage of the water. A watershed (also known as a watershed) is a set of watersheds that drain by the same element (such as a river, a lake, or a sea). These basins can be divided into three sections: the upper basin (where the river or water source in question is born), the middle basin (where there is a balance between the solid material carried by the current and the water from the slope) and the lower basin (material extracted from the upper basin is deposited in the dejection cone). Among the types of basins, there are endorheic basins (which end in lakes or lagoons with no outlet to the sea), exorheic basins (which drain their waters into the ocean) and arreic basins (the waters are filtered or evaporated before entering the sea). drainage network). It is important to note that the set of basins that flow into the sea itself is known as a hydrographic basin. A perfect example of this is the Mediterranean side of Spain. That is, the set of rivers and tributaries that flow into the well-known Mediterranean Sea. To the east and southeast of the Iberian Peninsula there is one that is identified as being constituted by generally quite short rivers, the only exception being the Ebro. However, in Spain there are other equally important slopes such as Cantabria, located in the north of the country and made up of rivers from Galicia and also from the Basque Country or Cantabria, and the Atlantic. It is located in the west of the country and is the most important, as it occupies more than 60% of the territory. At European level, other very significant ones should be highlighted, such as the slopes of the Black Sea or the Arctic Ocean. The first of these is based on the Dieper, the Dniester and the famous Danube River. It is interesting to establish that the term watershed also exists. It is used to refer to various subjects: the waters that descend from certain mountains or also those that fall from the roofs because of the rains and, therefore, descend to the ground.

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Finally, the slope can mention a point of view or aspect. For example: ‚ÄúThis thinker is part of the harder side of communism. “

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