What is Shiro?

Shiro miso is often served with sushi.

Shiro is an Ethiopian stew made from spiced split peas or a Japanese flavoring agent, also known as white miso. Ethiopian shiro stew, also called shiro wot, contains roasted split peas that have been ground into a flour called shiro flour. The flour softens into a paste in boiling water that is flavored with spices and served with traditional African bread. Miso is a Japanese staple used in foods in a variety of ways, but is most commonly seen in soups known as miso soup.

One form of shiro is a flavoring agent for miso soup.

While the roasted pea flour used in Ethiopian stew can be made at home, most cooks buy the flour at the store. Those lucky enough to be located near a market serving Ethiopian consumers can find shiro flour. In other grocery stores, this type of flour is often called pea flour, pea flour, or pea flour, and is more likely to be found in supermarkets that sell specialty, artisanal grains. Sometimes chickpea flour is substituted for pea flour.

Used to make Ethiopian shiro, teff is a small gluten-free grain that can be used in breads and cereals.

Shiro stew is commonly served on top of a leavened flatbread called injera. This bread is traditionally made with a grain called teff, which comes from an East African grass, but can be made with other grains when teff is not available. Injera is shaped similar to a pancake, but it is not turned over when it is cooked and is usually cooked in an earthenware dish over a fire.

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The preparation of this type of stew begins by cooking the shallots in a pan with a little water. After the shallots have softened, a spice mixture called berebere is added with a little oil and fresh garlic and the mixture is lightly browned. Berebere, also called berbere, is a common spice blend that contains various spices, including cardamom, cumin, and basil. Next, the mixture is boiled in water for a few moments before the flour goes into the hot liquid, where the shiro flour thickens in the boiling water until it reaches the desired texture.

Japanese miso is a condiment made from fermented soybeans, although it is often mixed with another ingredient. One of the most popular varieties of miso is shiro miso, or shiromiso, which is commonly found alongside a sushi plate in a Japanese restaurant. In addition to the kome miso class that contains shiromiso, other types of miso are many, but they include mugi miso, which contains barley, and mame miso, which is made only from soybeans.

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