What is seer?

A seer is an individual who has a supernatural ability to anticipate the future or discover what is not known. Since these faculties are impossible to verify by the scientific method, it can be said that the seer attributes them to himself without being able to demonstrate with certainty the validity of his statement.

For example: “When Mara got lost, I was so desperate that I hired a medium to ask her to help me find her”, “The commissioner confessed that they used to work with mediums”, “A year ago, I consulted a medium who anticipated me that all this would happen…” . The seer, therefore, claims to have the gift of clairvoyance (being able to anticipate the future or perceive hidden things). It is important to note that clairvoyance involves an extrasensory ability: it is not about guessing the future with the support of a machine or technology. A meteorologist who anticipates that it will rain next week is not a clairvoyant, but a scientist who can make such a statement according to his theoretical knowledge and the analysis of information provided by satellites, computers (computers), etc.

Many psychics claim that they “see” the future through physical signs that they observe in a crystal ball, a deck of cards, or a coffee pot, to name a few possibilities. In these cases, they tend to attribute the ability to decode a supernatural or mystical message that people normally miss. The seer’s presumed power sometimes depends on how his claims are interpreted. A clairvoyant may tell a man that in the coming months he will receive “great news”. Most likely, at some point, something positive will happen to the subject: thus, if he tends to believe in the seer, he will think that the seer really anticipated him. This trust-based dynamic is the key to seers’ success. In general, those who come to your consultations are people in a state of despair or deep anguish, either because they cannot find a way out of their personal problems (a group in which we can include diseases and a terrible economic situation) or because of suffering what they leads to the loss of a loved one. There are many detractors of clairvoyance, and they are often based on the aforementioned lack of scientific evidence in this discipline. Just as those who believe that religion is nothing more than a resource to not feel so alone in the midst of moments of sadness, there are those who say that seers do nothing more than profit from the suffering and despair of the weakest.

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On the other hand, there is a more neutral fringe, which does not attack the seers who call them liars, but also does not support their legitimacy, since they do not have enough evidence to believe them. It is a group of people who accept the possibility that things exist beyond their own understanding or knowledge and therefore do not categorically reject them. One of the strongest reasons used by critics is that no one in recent history has successfully undergone scientific tests to verify the existence of their powers. From this point of view, if psychics really existed, they should have no problem being scrutinized so that science would once and for all validate the legitimacy of their extrasensory abilities and everyone would come to believe in them. The Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, conducted by the James Randi Educational Foundation, invited from 1964 to 2015 any individual with supernatural powers to demonstrate them before a jury, and although over a thousand people attended, none of them passed the tests.

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