What is school violence?

Violence includes acts that are carried out with the intention of achieving something through the use of force. Violent behavior, therefore, aims to physically or mentally harm another person in order to subjugate him.

There are different types of violence, such as family violence and gender-based violence. In the case of school violence , it occurs through the conduct that occurs within a school and that is intended to generate some type of damage in this situation.

School violence can occur inside the school (in a classroom, hallway, playground, etc.) or in other related places. Its victims can be students, teachers, school staff or family members of students. Within school violence we can emphasize that there are three types that are determined according to who is the aggressor and who is attacked. So, for example, we can talk first about what is student violence against other students. This translates into injuries of various types, as well as theft of personal belongings, sexual assault or homicide. In recent years, this type of violence has given rise to known cases around the world in which victims, “crushed” and humiliated to unsuspected limits, ended up committing suicide. Secondly, we find the school violence that is exercised by students on the faculty of the center in question. It manifests itself both on the physical level, through injuries of different categories, and on the psychological level, through insults and humiliations of the most diverse types. A fact that unfortunately had a significant growth in recent years. And, thirdly, there is school violence that is exercised by the teachers themselves against other classmates, against students, parents of students or even members of the school who work in the area of ​​administration or services. Among the most frequent manifestations of this type of violence are the following: Attacks on the emotional aspect of victims through humiliation or verbal violence in its entirety. Physical violence Confusing type relationships. This category ranges from sexual abuse to harassment of various types. There are multiple causes that can lead to the outbreak of school violence. Specialists speak of the lack of limits on behavior, the transmission of situations of violence by the media that can generate a contagious effect and the conditions of social exclusion and discrimination. School violence is often associated with bullying, also known as bullying. This harassment consists of subjecting a student to constant and sustained abuse over time through teasing, insults, hitting, etc.

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Schools can be classified according to the risk of violence occurring in their community. The institutions most vulnerable to school violence are those where there is no control over their members.

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