What is Scented Lotion?

The scented body cream helps to hydrate the skin and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Perfumed lotion is a type of scented lotion applied to the skin both for its moisturizing properties and because it leaves a pleasant fragrance. This type of lotion can be a great alternative to perfume, especially since perfume can be heavily scented. Perfume lotion is often available in scents to match popular perfumes as well.

Perfume lotion can come in a tube.

Perfume lotion is simply a lotion that contains an additional fragrance in addition to its emollient and moisturizing ingredients. It usually contains essential oils to give the fragrance, but in a much lower concentration than that found in a perfume spray, or even a body spray. When the scented lotion is applied to the skin, the lotion moisturizes the skin and provides a subtle fragrance. Many people choose to use this type of scented lotion every day as part of a skin care routine; It’s important to try the scented lotion before making a purchase and leave the scent on the skin all day to determine if it interacts well with body chemistry.

Perfume lotion is normally intended for use on the body.

There are many different scents available in perfume lotions, and they are available in discounted drugstore versions to expensive designer versions. Many perfume lotions are standalone fragrances and are created solely to be used as a lotion. Others correspond to perfumes and are usually sold in a gift box with the purchase of an expensive perfume bottle.

The lotion then contains the scent that matches the scent exactly and can be reapplied throughout the day to refresh the fragrance without the need to spritz on more perfume. Another option is to simply use the scented lotion alone; many people choose to apply scented lotion to the neck and arms, for example, to give the feeling that you are wearing perfume without actually having to apply it.

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Perfume lotion is normally intended for use on the body and should not be used on the face. It has the potential to clog pores or irritate the skin due to the included fragrance. Hand and foot lotions that contain perfume are also popular and can be used regularly. Remember that it’s not a good idea to apply a scented lotion if someone else has already applied a different scent; the two scents can mix and create an unpleasant smell. Use an unscented body lotion for dry skin if you’ve already applied perfume.

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