What is Scald Guard?

A scald guard is commonly installed in homes with seniors.

A scald protector is a device used to prevent bathtub or sink water from getting too hot. This is important because water that gets too hot can cause severe burns or scalds. While the homeowner should be sure to set the hot water heater to a temperature that prevents accidental scalding, a scald guard provides an additional barrier.

A scald protector can help prevent hot water burns.

A scald guard is typically installed in homes with young children or in nursing homes. New parents should not hesitate to install this device, as hot water burns account for approximately 20% of all reported burns in the United States. Additionally, approximately 2,000 children are treated for these burns in the United States each year. Scalds can also cause other injuries such as falls, shocks, broken bones and heart attacks. These side effects are particularly troublesome for the elderly.

A home with young children would benefit from a firewall.

Scald guards should be installed in the bathroom and kitchen sink, the two areas where scalding accidents most often occur. In most cases, a scald could have been avoided if a protector had been installed. For this reason, most states now require that some sort of anti-scald device be used or implemented in homes. These devices can be easily installed in a sink, shower or bathtub.

A scald protector can be easily installed in a bath.

There are a few different burn protection models available to the homeowner. One type is installed directly in the hot water line and also needs cold water supply. This can be fitted to the water heater, although it will also require the installation of a swing check valve to prevent hot water from entering the cold water supply.

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Another type of scald protection works by maintaining a constant water temperature. In this way, it combines hot and cold water to prevent hot water from reaching the sink or shower. Typically, it can be adjusted to a few different grade settings to suit the owner’s preferences. This also limits the flow of hot water when cold water is turned off.

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