What is sale?

From the Latin vendĭta, sale is the action and effect of selling (transferring ownership of something to someone else after paying an agreed price). The term is used to name the operation itself and the number of things that are sold. For example: “The bake sale was a success: we raised more than two hundred pesos” , “My father informed me that the sale of the factory was suspended due to certain legal obstacles” , “Juan Antonio is dedicated to the sale of real estate ” .

Sale is also the contract whereby a property is transferred to the domain of another person for the agreed price. The sale can be something potential (a product that is on sale but has not yet been purchased) or an operation that has already been completed (in this case, it necessarily implies a purchase).

It is important to remember that in this sector it is common to speak of what is known as direct selling. It is a term that expresses what is carried out outside a commercial establishment, namely what is carried out directly to the consumer on a frequent basis at home or in places where a personalized demonstration is carried out. A door-to-door sale is also known as one where it is essential that the salesperson not only develop a strong, compelling, and convincing oral presentation of the product or service, but also careful attention to non-verbal communication. In this way, we refer to their clothes, their gestures, the smile and the direct look into the eyes of the future customer. Currently, with the inevitable development of the Internet, there has been an explosion of another type of selling, online. It consists of the consumer’s access to the website of the company in question where he will know all the products that it makes available. This way you will choose what you want, provide your credit card details and receive the item you purchased comfortably at home. It is customary to speak of buying and selling to refer to the bilateral operation in which the seller delivers a certain thing to the buyer, who pays a price for it. The normal thing is that this payment is made in cash, because if another object is chosen in exchange, we will be facing an exchange. The sale of products or services forms the basis of business operations. Through these sales, companies earn revenue. Whether they are profitable will depend on many other factors such as cost management. It should be noted that material things (like a computer or a ball) or symbolic things (like a football player’s pass) can be sold. In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that the sale is also the way the house is known, which, fundamentally, years ago, was implanted on the roads to be able to offer accommodation and food to all travelers who pass by.

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