What is Rock Candy?

Rock candy is made from pure sugar.

Rock candy is a candy made from large pieces of sugar that are grown on a string or stick. Because it is made from pure sugar, this candy will be naturally clear and extremely sweet. It can be consumed neat, dissolved in sweet drinks or used as a garnish for desserts. As the candy making process is very simple, many people like to do it at home and some teachers use it to illustrate crystal formation for young students.

Excessive consumption of sugary substances such as cnady rock can cause cavities.

To make rock candy, water and sugar are combined to form a supersaturated sugar solution. The solution is so rich in sugar that no more sugar can be dissolved in it, causing the added sugar to sink. A substrate for crystal growth, such as a stick or string, is placed in the solution and left undisturbed for a few days to a week, allowing crystals to form in the substrate as the water evaporates. When the substrate is removed, it is covered with very large and irregular sugar crystals.

Many people add food coloring to their rock candy to make them more visually interesting. Flavorings can also be added, for people who want to taste something other than pure sugar. Sticks of this type of candy are often found in candy stores and by the seaside and similar vacation spots. Candied sugar is also sold in bulk for use in restaurants as a decorative garnish.

To make mints, boil a cup of water and add two cups of sugar, stirring constantly and bringing the mixture to a boil again. These values ​​can be easily increased or decreased if desired, as long as you keep the same ratio. Once the sugar is completely dissolved, pour the water into a pitcher and dip a string or stick it in. If you want to add color or flavoring, do so after the sugar has dissolved, but before pouring it into a pitcher. When the string is saturated, pull it out and let it dry. This will create seed crystals, which will allow the sugar crystals to be larger and more uniform.

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Once the toothpick or string is dry, dip it back into the pot of dissolved sugar and let it rest until large crystals form. Try to avoid moving or pushing the flask, as this can interfere with the formation of crystals. Once large, uniform crystals form, the candy can be removed from the jar and served or wrapped in parchment paper for later consumption.

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