What is Return?

Vuelta is a concept that comes from the Latin volūta. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes no less than thirty meanings of the term, which can be used in various fields.

A turn can be the displacement of something around itself or a point, causing its original position to be inverted or moving it until it is regained again. For example: “I will turn the page to continue reading”, “To hear all the songs on a cassette tape, you must turn it over at the end of playing one of its sides”, “Please turn over so I can change my clothes ” . The expression turning the page is used to refer to the act of turning the page that a person performs when reading a book or notebook and has reached the end of the current page, so you need to look at the content behind it, that is, in the sequence. The form without the preposition a is also accepted, as can be seen in the previous paragraph.

The fact of returning to the starting point of a trip or a trip is also called a return: “I’m back! I’ve just returned from my vacation”, “I’m going to take a trip, I promise you that when I get back I’ll call you and we’ll solve the problem” , “The outward trip always seems shorter than the return trip” . The return of an object to its owner, the repetition of a thing, and the opportunity or possibility to perform an action per turn are known as giving back: “Here is your money back, thanks for the loan”, “Waiter, another round of drinks! I invite”, “Think about how you will use your cards in the next round”. It is interesting to note that the return, understood as the amount of money that a merchant gives to a customer to adjust the account, when the latter has delivered an amount greater than the price of the product or service for which he intends to pay, in some countries it is known as the name return, i.e. it is simply a gender change of the same term. Although both forms are accepted, depending on the speaker’s region, the Royal Spanish Academy’s dictionary recognizes the return as the original. With regard to the example of the return of drinks, this expression refers to the sale of drinks, usually alcoholic, to a series of people, all in charge of a single person. Gestures of this type are very common among friends, but also in business meetings, as they create an atmosphere of trust and often help to break the ice, to free oneself from shyness or the tensions inherent in encounters between individuals. a close relationship or who have never seen each other before.

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In the field of sport, a round can be a phase of a race or a phase or a round of a competition: “The French national team will have to face three matches away from home in the first round”, “The tournament will be played in two rounds with the system of all against all”. Also in the world of sports and physical exercise, circular can mean to walk, run or run along the perimeter of a space such as a playground (also called a playground or track) or an apple, with the aim of warming up before practice another activity. This is essential for professional athletes in many disciplines, although it should also be done by beginners and amateurs alike, as playing any sport without proper warm-up and stretching can lead to injuries of varying severity.

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