What is residential architecture? (with photos)

Residential architects can focus on large developer projects like townhouses.

Residential architecture is a discipline within the field of architecture that focuses on the design of homes, from single-family homes to apartment complexes. There are a number of concerns that are unique to residential architecture, and skilled residential architects may be in high demand. Some of the world’s most famous architects are known for their work on residences, including Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect known for his innovative, distinctive and utterly unique residential designs, many of which continue to be highly valued decades after their construction.

The residential architect designs plans for the construction of a house or other dwelling.

Fundamentally, residential architecture is about designing and building homes that are functional and safe. Residential architects should think about prevailing building codes, safety issues, and functionality issues such as floor plans, outlet placement, and other issues. They must also be able to work with their clients to develop homes that meet needs and expectations, and each client often has a slightly different list of needs and requirements for a home.

Residential architecture is also about designing beautiful structures. Passionate architects love working with the lines of the natural environment to make a home that fits perfectly, or working with inspiring objects and shapes that can come from anywhere in the world. Clients may also have specific requests, such as a home that fits into an existing art collection or a desire to create a home that evokes an earlier era. Because people want homes they enjoy being in, much of this discipline focuses on creating structures that feel like homes and that satisfy the owners’ aesthetic preferences.

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Some residential architects focus on custom work, working with individual clients to develop a unique home. Others make generic plans that can be used by builders anywhere, or focus on large projects for developers, such as apartment complexes, townhouses, and planned developments. Architects can also choose to focus on issues such as eco-design or make reliable replicas of architectural styles from earlier eras. Residential architecture can also encompass the restoration and renovation of existing homes. Each subset of residential architecture requires different skills and abilities.

Residential architecture students often start in general architecture programs, eventually narrowing their focus to residential structures in particular. His background includes a background in the history and art of architecture, along with the mechanics of writing, working with engineers and contractors, and negotiating with clients to ensure that the needs of all parties are met. A residential architect with a proven track record can often charge a very high fee for their skills, since a home will not be substantially built or renovated without the services of an architect.

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