What is protein shampoo?

Most protein shampoos contain keratin.

Protein shampoo is a type of shampoo designed to clean, strengthen and increase hair elasticity. These types of hair care products typically contain several different proteins, including keratin, collagen, and silk. Many also contain amino acids, which are essential for the production of proteins. In addition to providing strength, the protein shampoo also contains a combination of cleansers, surfactants and moisturizing agents to cleanse and nourish the hair.

Using protein shampoo can help reduce the effects of a dry scalp.

The most common types of protein shampoos are those that contain keratin. Keratin is a protein that makes up a large part of hair strands. This protein is responsible for protecting the hair and maintaining its general condition. Keratin-enriched shampoos provide additional keratin to the hair, which coats the strands and provides protection until the next wash. Depending on the specific product, keratin shampoo can also deposit protein into the inner layers of the hair for lasting strength.

When used regularly, protein shampoo promotes healthier, shinier hair.

Many protein shampoos also contain collagen. As with keratin, collagen is a protein found naturally in hair. This protein provides strength and elasticity, as well as protecting against breakage. Collagen is commonly combined with keratin and other proteins to create a well-balanced product.

In addition to naturally found protein, protein shampoo can also contain silk, plant proteins and proteins derived from animal products such as milk. These substances are believed to smooth the cuticle and strengthen the hair. When used regularly, protein shampoo should leave hair looking shinier and healthier.

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Protein shampoo can help strengthen and add elasticity to the hair.

When shopping for hair products that contain protein, it’s important to look for products that contain hydrolyzed protein. This means that the protein is broken down into small enough fragments to penetrate the lock of hair. If a protein shampoo does not contain hydrolyzed protein, the protein may not be able to permeate the hair cuticle. Instead, the protein is likely to coat the hair and create a protective but temporary layer. While it is helpful, it does nothing to improve hair health in the long run.

It is important to look for products that contain hydrolyzed protein.

To further enhance the hair, many protein shampoos contain amino acids, moisturizing agents, vitamins and minerals. These ingredients help to moisturize, add shine and improve hair health. Many types of shampoo, including protein shampoo, also contain harsh surfactants and detergents. To avoid damaging the hair, it is important for consumers to choose protein shampoos that contain mild cleansers that do not strip the hair of its natural oil.

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