What is propolis shampoo?

Propolis is naturally secreted by bees.

Propolis shampoo is a hair care product that contains a natural substance found in tree resin, often harvested by bees. The propolis ingredient aims to make hair shinier and stronger. It is also used in other commercial products for its sealing and textural properties.

Bees use propolis, found in tree sap as well as other plant sources, to fill small holes in their honeycomb. They use beeswax to fill in larger gaps. Natural propolis is brown and has a sticky texture. There are likely many reasons bees use propolis in their hives, including keeping out bacteria, strengthening the structure, and protecting it from the elements. Many types of trees and plants produce propolis, including cedars, spruces, sunflowers, and spices like dill and fennel.

Sunflowers produce propolis.

Hair care manufacturers have taken advantage of the properties of this resin to create propolis shampoo. Similar to how effective propolis is for strengthening a bee hive, it can protect and strengthen hair as well. It has antibacterial properties that many find effective in treating scalp infections. It can help remove buildup from other hair care products and is good for decreasing the oiliness of hair that is naturally oily and for treating dandruff.

Propolis shampoo is generally more expensive than regular drugstore shampoo.

Many claim that propolis shampoo helps hair grow faster and prevents hair loss. Honey is often infused with shampoo, helping to add shine and volume to the hair. Those who prefer to use chemical-free products often turn to propolis shampoo, which is largely based on natural ingredients. There are several types and formulas of propolis shampoo, some for special uses, such as maintaining the color of dyed hair.

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Propolis shampoo is generally more expensive than regular drugstore shampoo. Users can use less shampoo per wash, allowing a bottle of propolis shampoo to generally last longer than regular shampoo. Shampoo can be hard to find in regular stores, but it is sold in some salons and can be easily found at many online retailers. Propolis is also included in some conditioners.

Shampoo is far from the only commercial product that contains propolis. Resin can be found in wood varnishes, particularly those used on musical instruments. It can be found in some foods, including gum and car wax. In wax, propolis is often combined with other oils that increase shine and strength to give the vehicle maximum shine. Propolis hardens when kept in cold temperatures, but on the other hand, it is chewy and soft.

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