What is preventive maintenance? (with photos)

Preventive maintenance aims to eliminate the need for future repairs.

Preventive or preventative maintenance is routine maintenance designed to avoid the need for more expensive repairs. By regularly engaging in activities that contribute to the upkeep of a home, a homeowner may be able to circumvent serious problems that arise as a result of neglect, and more expensive maintenance may be delayed. Many people consider preventive maintenance to be a critical part of caring for a home, and this practice is generally viewed as cost-effective, sound, and highly recommended by homeowners. Evidence of regular maintenance can also increase a home’s resale value, assuring buyers that the home has been well taken care of.

Oil changes are part of the preventive maintenance of a car.

A number of things can fall into preventive maintenance. Outside the house, things like cleaning the gutters, oiling the decks, painting the house and trimming regularly, cleaning bushes and plants away from the house, and checking the condition of drains and vents can all be considered preventative. Each of these activities is designed to reduce the risk of damage to a home by keeping it in good condition.

Preventive maintenance on railroad tracks can help prevent train derailment.

Inside a home, wrapping pipes, steam cleaning carpets, replacing caulking, stripping and waxing floors, bleeding heaters, blowing boiler pressure, and similar activities are all part of preventative maintenance. While none of these things are strictly necessary, doing them extends the life of the house and its components, helps the house run more efficiently, and reduces the risk of a dangerous problem or accident, such as a boiler explosion.

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Preventive maintenance can include steam cleaning mats.

Many people have a preventive maintenance schedule that interrupts various tasks throughout the year. By setting a schedule, people ensure that each task is performed regularly and also ensure that they are never overwhelmed with routine maintenance activities. Spring and fall tend to be the prime times for preventive maintenance, as people may already be doing things to prepare their home for the change in seasons. You can find preventive maintenance guides that include generic calendars at some home supply stores.

Decking staining is a form of preventative maintenance.

In addition to being valuable in the case of homes and other structures, preventive maintenance also extends the life of the car and facilitates garden care. In the case of a car, for example, regular oil changes, alignments and adjustments prevent costly problems from arising in the car. Gardens benefit from regular pruning, mulching, fertilizing, and other routine tasks that promote healthy, uniform plant growth.

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