What is presumption?

To determine the meaning of the term vainglory, the first thing we are going to do is know its etymological origin. In this sense, we can say that it is a word derived from Latin. Specifically, it is the result of the sum of two components of that language:

-The adjective “vanus”, which can be translated as “empty”.

-The noun “glory”, which is equivalent to “fame”, “honor” or “splendour”.

Pride is a person’s arrogance or conceit about their actions or self-worth. The verb to boast alludes to this act of boasting. For example: “I’m sick of boasting this artist may be very talented, but he lacks humility” , “I don’t understand your bragging, just a big mistake and yet, you were proud of your actions” , “You should not act for vainglory, but out of solidarity.”

The term boast, therefore, is also a conjugation of the verb boast: “The opposition newspaper still brags about having denounced the deputy three years ago, who today is indicted for a cause of corruption” , “The record company manager he always brags about the discovery of these musicians in a small bar” , “The delegate boasts of having managed to arrest the most wanted criminal in recent times”. Ostentation, in short, is associated with a person’s exaggerated pride or conceit about their own actions or accomplishments. Suppose an experienced writer gives a lecture. In front of the public, he lists all the awards he won throughout his career, gives information about the books he has sold and is proud to have renewed the literature of his country thanks to his innovative and daring style. The writer, with this attitude, is bragging about his accomplishments. As can be seen, ostentation is not linked to the truth or falsity of the exposed statements, but to the attitude that the subject presents. Within the religious sphere, much is said about pride, as it is considered that those who continually highlight their virtues, actions and possessions in front of others are committing an attack on values. It is considered that happens to be someone who is not humble. Specifically, “The Bible” is used to, from several of its passages, show that they can fall into constant pride in themselves, from foolish sinners to the rich and famous. We can accurately say that there are countless “celebrities” today who continually brag about their awards, their luxurious lives, their professional successes and even their physical appearance. For many, for example, who boasts of everything he is and has is the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays in the ranks of Real Madrid. Precisely the one who claims to be the best player in the world or who at all times displays the luxury in which he lives causes numerous antipathies in the population.

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