What is Potion?

Poison, from the Latin venenum, is a substance capable of producing serious functional changes in a living being. The poison is harmful to health and can even lead to death.

A poison can be said to be any liquid, gaseous or solid toxic substance capable of blocking or inhibiting a chemical reaction. Paracelsus assured that “everything is poison, depending on the dose”. The famous physician and alchemist referred to the fact that any substance becomes toxic in very high doses, including water or oxygen. Poisons, therefore, are harmful substances even in very low doses. There are poisons of plant origin (such as certain substances that appear in hemlock), animal (from snakes), mineral (arsenic) and artificial (substances synthesized by man in laboratories).

For example: “If you travel to the Amazon jungle, beware of snakes: there are some that bite and inject a poison that can be lethal if you don’t go to an assistance center soon”, “My grandmother died of poisoning and the last moments were really very painful”, “I was taught at school not to eat wild mushrooms because some contain poison and can be harmful”. It is possible to find different symbolic or metaphorical uses of the concept. Poison, therefore, can also be something that causes moral damage or a negative feeling (such as resentment or anger): “Yesterday I fought with my boss and I got a lot of poison” , “You can’t live with anger at life : you have to get rid of the poison before it turns on you.” Here are eight of the most dangerous poisons ever known to man; some of them are part of the daily life of many people without knowing it, which denotes a worrying level of misinformation that, in some cases, can cost us our lives: * Botulinum toxin: the danger of this poison arises when it is ingested, as it produces a nervous system breakdown and causes a terribly painful death. It is worth mentioning that it is used in very common beauty treatments in the last decade, being in this area known as botox; * Ricin: if ingested or inhaled, it attacks the respiratory system and internal organs, causing death; * Anthrax: when inhaling this poison, a state of flu begins that does not cease until it destroys the respiratory system and, with it, the life of its victim. It is also lethal by touch;

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* Sarin gas : it is a product that was created as a pesticide and, perhaps as a fair consequence of trying to end the life of an innocent species, it is fatal to man if inhaled. A small dose is enough to put a person into a coma from which they will not wake up; * Tretrodotoxin : known especially to come from fugu (Japanese name of puffer fish). Anyone who consumes products of animal origin must remember that the venom of this species does not disappear after cooking and that it can end the life of an adult in a few hours, after having completely paralyzed it; * Cyanide: exists in nature in various forms, although it is also possible to manufacture it without major complications. Swallowing or inhaling it leads to cardiac arrest and, minutes later, death; * Mercury: its inhalation endangers the respiratory and central nervous systems; * strychnine : this pesticide is not as potent, but if ingested or inhaled it generates a series of violent spasms that end up exhausting the victim, taking his life.

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