What is pio?

Ulular is a verb that comes from the Latin word ululāre. The concept refers to howling, screaming or screaming.

For example: “While walking through the forest in the middle of the night, the howling of wolves scared me a lot”, “Some people believe that the howl of an owl anticipates a misfortune, but to me this is nothing more than absurd”, ” I am very tired, for the howling of the birds did not let me sleep. ” The notion of chirping in relation to the sounds produced by animals is common. Birds are often said to chirp, although the notion is also valid for mammals.

Wind howling, on the other hand, is the production of noise generated by currents and gusts of air. This whistling can be irritating and cause anxiety, uncertainty or distress in some cases. Sirens howl too. This characteristic sound serves as a warning or alarm and sometimes has a symbolic connotation. Suppose an ambulance transports a critically ill patient. To get to the hospital quickly, the vehicle must travel at high speed. In this scenario, the sound of the siren helps other drivers move away and lead the way. To remember victims of a fatal fire, however, firefighters may sound the fire station and fire engine sirens each anniversary. That way, every year, on the same day and time, the howl is heard throughout the city.

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