What is pineapple?

Pineapple fluff is usually prepared with canned pineapple.

Pineapple fluff is an American tradition dessert or side dish that is typically prepared with canned pineapple and either whipped cream, whipped cream cheese or a commercial whipped topping. There are dozens of variations on this dish, many that vary by region or family recipe. As it is usually an easy and simple dish to make, especially in large quantities, pineapple fluff can be found on the buffet table at large gatherings. Although it can be consumed alone, in some cases it is also used as a filling for pies.

Pineapple fluff is sometimes served at an all-you-can-eat salad bar.

While fresh pineapple can certainly be used in the preparation of this dish, most cooks prefer the convenience and sweetness of canned pineapple. Typically, the recipe calls for crushed pineapple, which can be more easily blended into the cream base. After the cook drains the crushed pineapple, it is mixed with the base creamy ingredients. The nature of these basic ingredients can vary significantly depending on the desired consistency and flavor of the finished dish and are typically combined with the recipe depending on the degree of sweetness imparted to the dish.

Cooks who prefer a down version of pineapple made with less sweetness can use fresh pineapple.

If pineapple fluff is served as a side dish, the basic ingredients may include items that are more flavorful or spicier than those that add additional sweetness. For example, it can include cream cheese, cottage cheese, or even mayonnaise. Whether served as a salad or side dish, pineapple cake can be presented on a bed of lettuce or on its own in a bowl so people can help themselves. In some areas, pineapple fluff is a common and popular addition to salad bars and buffet lines.

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When pineapple fluff is consumed as a dessert, cooks often experiment with different types of cream bases and may even mix more than one. In its simplest form, the dessert can be mixed with a commercially prepared whipped topping and served. Other variations may add additional ingredients, such as walnuts or marshmallows, to the mix. More complicated mixes can use cream cheese or even various types of flavored and sweetened pudding. While vanilla is generally a good, neutral choice, a popular version of pineapple fluff incorporates pistachio pudding, prepared from a commercial blend of freshly peeled pistachios, in addition to the drained and crushed pineapple. Dietary versions of the dish may incorporate low-fat whipped toppings along with commercial unsweetened gelatin for added flavor and color.

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