What is Phyto Shampoo?

Phyto shampoo is intensely moisturizing.

Phyto shampoo is part of a complete line of hair care products. The trade name for the entire line is Phyto and then a suffix is ​​usually added to the word to indicate specific products. For example, Phytojoba® is a shampoo with jojoba oil added for its moisturizing properties.

Phyto shampoo was developed by Patrick Alès in Paris in the 1960s. According to the company’s website, Alès worked on the hair of people like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Catherine Deneuve while developing hair care products made from various combinations of essential oils and plant extracts. Alès then opened his own salon in 1969, which is still in business.

A person with dandruff can benefit from using phyto shampoo.

The Phyto shampoo line includes specialized shampoos for various hair types and specific hair problems. This includes common categories like dry hair, colored hair, anti-frizz, dandruff, and curly hair, among others. Less common shampoos are also included in the product range, such as those for anti-aging, hair loss, sun protection and “lifeless” hair. Some examples of product names include Phytodéfrisant®, for frizzy hair; Phytocurl®, for curly hair; and Phytodensium® anti-aging serum, for lifeless hair.

Phyto shampoo can help relieve dry scalp.

In addition to shampoo, Phyto offers other hair products. This includes daily and deep treatment conditioners, hair masks, oil treatments, creams, volumizing spray and hair mists for use after sun exposure to prevent damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays. The Phyto brand recommends that all of its products be used together – for example, using shampoo, conditioner and hair cream, all from the same specific product line.

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Phyto shampoo, along with other Phyto products, is packaged in aluminum tubes and glass bottles. The company claims this is done to “minimize the use of preservatives and maximize the effectiveness of botanical formulas.” This also means that Phyto shampoo packaging is recyclable. For those who care about the environment, this is a benefit of using Phyto products.

Phyto shampoo is harder to find in stores than more common shampoo brands. It can be ordered online, though not directly from the manufacturer. Shampoo and other hair care products can also be found at beauty salons or specialty beauty supply stores. The price of a bottle of Phyto shampoo ranges from $20 US Dollars (USD) to $30 USD. A set of Phyto shampoo and other products can be a beautiful and luxurious gift for a birthday or holiday.

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