What is Parafango?

A combination of dehydrated beauty mud, paraffins and other healing ingredients, Parafango is a popular treatment for cellulite. A nourishing treatment for the skin, Parafango is used to help promote circulation. It can also be applied as an exfoliant.

Parafango can be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Mud therapy helps to reduce fat cells, resulting in weight loss. The parafango serum is massaged into the skin during treatment. Warm paraffin is then applied to the entire skin. After 15 minutes of wrapping in a warm blanket, the treatment is removed from the body.

Some people prefer to precede the treatment with a salt or sugar scrub, although this is not necessary for Parafango to work. Certain salons may also choose to coat the body with a liquid solution, such as Aminocel, to pre-treat cellulite and eliminate toxins. Other extracts, such as caffeine, can also be added to the treatment to stimulate the process.

Wearing slimming underwear can help minimize the appearance of cellulite in place of mud.

Other variables in the process include variations in the wrap used itself. Some salons may use a plastic sheet, while others may wrap individuals in cellophane. Additional heating measures, such as adding an electric blanket, can also be implemented to streamline the process. The complete treatment usually lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.

The most popular use of the treatment includes its application to the hips, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Health professionals say the mixture rids the body of toxins in these target areas, especially fat cells. This process is said to work through the detoxifying effects of sea mud, or mud, and the warming properties of paraffin. Mud also helps the body get rid of fluids.

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Parafango is designed to mimic the effects of a sauna, causing sweating and a reduction in water retention.

Most treatment advocates extol the skin-smoothing results. Some claim that the beauty regimen also soothes sore muscles and body aches. Relaxation, skin rejuvenation and tightening, reduction of dimples and stretch marks and other effects have also been reported. Users of the therapy claim it is similar to the effects of a mini-sauna.

Within a beauty salon, treatment time may vary. Many salons offer a 90-minute treatment. Beauty care experts claim that one application will bring beauty benefits. They also recommend a total of six to ten treatments for optimal results.

Mud therapy can help with weight loss.

Home kits are also available for purchase. This typically includes several pounds of the mixture, plus a brush, heater, film cutter, film, and tape measure. Some kits even include wrapping sheets. Manuals containing instructions are usually also included.

Before being treated, people are advised to avoid eating fried foods before and after applying Parafango. The lotion should not be used on the day of application. A minimum of 80 ounces of water should be consumed throughout the treatment day as well. Some additional supplements and beauty products may be recommended to preserve the effects after the treatment.

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