What is Olive Salad?

Capers can be added to the olive salad.

Olive salad is a chunky salad made up of various types of olives along with bell peppers, bell peppers, onions and various other ingredients. The salad has a typically Italian flavor, although the olive salad is a favorite in New Orleans. One of the most common uses of salad is as a filling for sandwiches or pita bread. The salad can be used alongside pepperoni or other cold cuts in the sandwich, or make a great vegetarian meal on its own.

Black olives.

Almost every olive salad recipe calls for using at least two types of olives. Most commonly, a mixture of black and green olives is recommended. All olives are pitted and crushed or finely chopped and then combined with other vegetables and a spice blend. While it is possible to prepare an olive salad a few hours before serving, many recipes provide instructions for allowing the salad to marinate for at least a few days.

An olive tree.

Along with green and black olives, harvested carrots, celery and cauliflower are used in the olive salad. Like olives, vegetables can be chopped finely or coarsely, according to the chef’s preferences. To this mixture is added crushed garlic cloves along with parsley, oregano and chives. Capers can also be added if desired. If bell peppers are not desired, you can create the same texture using chopped red or green bell peppers. Crushed red pepper flakes can also be used.

Flatbread, which can be stuffed with olive salad.

To create the marinade for the olive salad, most recipes call for mixing red wine vinegar with olive oil, then adding a pinch of salt and pepper. There should be enough marinade to completely cover all the vegetables and dressings in the olive salad. After mixing all the ingredients well, it is advisable to put the olive salad in a glass jar or in a bowl with a lid. The salad should be placed in the refrigerator and left to rest for at least a few days.

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Red wine vinegar, which is sometimes used to top an olive salad.

Olive salad can be served in many different ways. A simple presentation of olive salad resting on a bed of romaine lettuce leaves is visually appealing and also ideal for a light meal. Salad can also be used to fill pita pockets, creating a meal that is filling and easy to consume on the run. Olive salad is also a great filling for muffuletta and bruschetta sandwiches.

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