What is old?

Viejo comes from veclus, a Latin term. It is a concept with many uses, with the most common meaning referring to living beings of advanced age.

For example: “Grandpa Ernesto doesn’t bother, he’s an old man who needs peace of mind”, “My dog ​​doesn’t run like he used to because he’s old, but we still have a lot of fun together” , “When I was a kid, I played with that old tree ” In the case of people, it is customary to say that an individual ages at 70 years. Anyway, the adjective depends on the context. A 39-year-old football player can be identified as being too old for the professional practice of this sport, although he is still young in a broader sense.

In the cultural sphere, we find a long list of works that use the term in question in their titles. However, among the most significant we can highlight the following:

– “The old man and the sea” (1951). It is a novel by acclaimed American author Ernest Hemingway that is considered one of the most important of the 20th century and which became a blockbuster film. It is about an elderly fisherman who, tired of going fishing every day without reaching his goals, decides to face a really complex and courageous challenge.

-In the pictorial field we find the painting “The old blind guitarist”, made in 1903 by the great Pablo Picasso. It is part of what was his blue period and in it, as the title indicates, an old man appears playing the guitar.

-From a musical point of view, we can highlight the song “My old man” or “My dear old man”. It is the work of Italian-Argentine singer-songwriter Piero and was published in 1969 as part of the eponymous album. When applied to objects, the idea of ​​old refers to age or deterioration acquired through use: “Why do you want to wear these old pants to a party? You have a lot more modern…” , “ I miss my old car: it was twenty years old, but it still worked perfectly ”, “That old house was your uncle’s house ” . A situation, on the other hand, can be mentioned as old when it is not new or when it is repetitive: “Again the old story of power cuts due to excessive consumption: the company must invest to update its infrastructure”, “I will not accept that go back to using the old excuse of ‘trouble at work’ to justify why you got home so late”, “The poor medical care in this hospital is old”. Finally, in some countries, old is used as a noun to name the father, husband or friend in a loving way: “My old man has always supported me”, “Old man, shall we go for a walk?” , “Maradona is better than Pele, man: there’s no doubt about it. ”

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In addition to all this, we cannot ignore the existence of different cities that carry the term in question in their names. A clear example of this is Pueblo Viejo, a municipality that is part of the Mexican state of Veracruz. It is located to the north of this area, has its origins in the 16th century and has an area of ​​approximately 286 square kilometers.

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