What is Noni Shampoo?

Products like noni shampoo are regularly touted as blends that restore moisture and health to the scalp and mane.

Many types of fruits and essential oils are used to make nutritional supplements and cosmetic products more effective, flavorful, aromatic and nutritious. A popular ingredient in these products is noni, the fruit of a tree that grows across Polynesia called Morinda citrifolia. Even though as of 2011 the fruit has not been officially shown to be effective at anything other than being nourishing for humans, products like noni shampoo are regularly touted as blends that restore moisture and health to the scalp and mane.

Some noni shampoos are designed to darken hair, while others are not.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), animal studies have proven that this nutrient has anti-cancer and antioxidant qualities that can also boost immune and cardiovascular health. The NIH still regrets the lack of definitive human research, however. These types of studies are needed for a more authoritative statement of efficacy – studies that are ongoing, as of 2011, by the US National Cancer Institute and the NIH, regarding the potential role of noni in fighting breast cancers. and prostate.

The US National Cancer Institute is currently studying the potential role of noni in the fight against prostate cancer.

These are just some of the claimed uses of noni. Other indigenous traditions use the fruit to suppress joint inflammation, treat diabetes, and prevent disease. Many also argue for noni’s ability to hydrate and synthesize proteins, mainly due to the enzymes proxeronine and xeronine.

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Most often, Noni is reduced to powder form and packaged in capsules as nutritional supplements or placed in hot water for tea. Another common preparation is to make a noni juice, which can be mixed with other juices available in the health food market. Other preparations include not only the noni shampoo, but also the noni conditioner, lotion and soap.

Noni is a powerful dye to turn hair black. Some types of noni shampoo, such as BSY Noni Black Hair Magic®, include not only darkening noni but also ingredients such as ginseng and the red mushroom known as Ganoderma lucidum. Another type of noni shampoo and conditioner is not designed to darken the hair, just to maintain the hair’s natural moisture and vitality. Often, as in the case of the Enlight-n-Scent® brand of noni shampoo, noni is combined with other healthy foods such as pineapple to add even more antioxidants and supporting enzymes, as well as imbuing shampoos with a pleasant aroma – the preference for most shampoo buyers.

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