What is non-slip tape?

Using non-slip tape on skateboards can help prevent accidents.

Non-slip tape is a type of adhesive tape that can be applied to a variety of surfaces to increase traction and prevent people from falling or slipping. In some regions, this tape may be required in certain locations by law for safety reasons, and in other areas, non-skid tape can be applied liberally even when it is not necessary to ensure the safety of people. Many hardware stores sell non-slip tape, with several options available for different applications. Theater vendors and home improvement stores also stock this product.

Non-skid tape is sold as “sticky tape” for skateboards.

This tape is made by covering one side with sand that will provide traction until it wears out with use. Aluminum oxide is a popular material for grains, but a wide variety of other substances can be used. Classically, non-slip tape is black, as this color blends well with a variety of surfaces and is easy to produce. Colored tapes are available, along with reflective tapes that can be used to identify stairs and other hazards in low light, as well as prevent falls and slips.

The adhesives used in non-slip tapes are very tough, designed to work on wood, metal, concrete and a wide variety of other materials, and to stay that way even after prolonged use and adverse weather conditions. In other words, when installing a non-slip tape, one should not plan on removing it in a hurry. People should also be aware that sand is very similar to sandpaper and can cause skinned knees or elbows if people fall on it.

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This product is sold in rolls of various widths so that people can apply non-slip tape to stairs, stair treads, deck edges, walkways and other places. Large sheets of non-skid tape are sold as “sticky tape” for skateboards and other surfaces, providing a wide surface with plenty of traction for added security. As a general rule, classic black is the least expensive, with reflective and glow-in-the-dark versions at the higher end of the price range.

It can be very helpful to keep a roll of non-slip tape nearby. Many people end up slipping on minor hazards such as worn steps in rainy weather or slippery sidewalks. A few strips of non-slip tape can solve the problem cost-effectively and effectively. Homeowners in particular may find it beneficial to use this tape on outdoor stairs and any other potentially hazardous locations to reduce liability claims from tenants with slippery feet.

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