What is Network Security?

Network security comprises the measures a business takes to protect its computer system and is a primary concern for all businesses that use computers. Compromised network security means that a hacker or competitor can gain access to critical or confidential data, possibly resulting in data loss or even complete system destruction.

Network security helps keep information on computer networks secure.

Appropriate security for a network is achieved when a user has to go through several layers of security before being able to access the desired network. The more layers the system has, the more secure it will be.

Companies strive to protect their entire computer network.

The system administrator is usually responsible for network security as he has administrator privileges on the system. In fact, only the systems administrator and his assistants should have administrative access to the mainframe server and related computer terminals. This will help prevent unauthorized people in the company from altering any data on the servers.

Network security can prevent confidential information from being stolen through hacks.

A systems administrator will also build a secure firewall for the network, which may include a layer of encryption and sentinel software that automatically wards off an unauthorized program from gaining access. The administrator can also place restrictions on employees’ computers to prevent them from accessing websites that may have malicious code or malware that installs itself on a user’s computer. Anti-adware and malware programs are available for individual computers as well as networks.

One problem that often arises with this type of security is flexibility. Management must balance security issues with employees’ ability to access websites for their work. Communication between management, systems administrator and employees is critical for network security to operate and for employees to be able to work with it.

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As evidenced when dealing with past email and network viruses, security breaches are costly and detrimental to production and efficiency. American companies spend millions of dollars every year on network security measures. A company’s best defense against breaches is a multifaceted attack. Firewalls without a single access point, sharp system administrators, frequent security updates and anti-adware early installation help keep the network safe.

Network security needs to be multi-layered to discourage a number of hacking techniques.

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