What is neighborhood?

The Latin word vicinĭtas came to Castilian as a neighborhood. The concept refers to the condition of neighbor (one who lives with other people in the same building or city, or who is close to another). For example: “The new tenant showed his good neighborhood and invited everyone to have pizza at his house”, “There are basic neighborhood rules that you must respect”, “We should enjoy the neighborhood of both nations”.

In some countries, one type of housing is called a neighborhood, in which many people or families with limited economic resources live in independent units. They usually consist of several houses located around a courtyard or connected by common corridors. According to the region, the neighborhood can also be called tenement, lease or barracks, among other names: “We have not had electricity in the neighborhood for two days”, “Fire in a central neighborhood left three dead”, “I would like to leave this neighborhood, but I have no money. ”

As is often the case, in some cases the reality of a neighborhood is not so negative, but rather the discrimination that its members must face when they leave. Poverty causes empathy and compassion in many people, but it also arouses feelings of rejection. The expression middle quarter refers to a right that an outsider can acquire to use a town’s pasture for his own livestock; To do this, you must pay fifty percent of the contributions. When someone is in a bad neighborhood, on the other hand, he irritates or harms his neighbor; if instead of a person it is a thing, then it is harmful to what is near. The neighborhoods became world famous thanks to “El Chavo del 8”, a Mexican television series created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños in 1971. In the story, the main protagonist is El Chavo (played by Gómez Bolaños), an orphan boy who lives in Department 8 (although he is normally seen inside a barrel). Dona Florinda and her son Quico, Don Ramón and his daughter, La Chilindrina, and Dona Clotilde also live in this neighborhood. In the neighborhood of Chavo, all kinds of crazy situations happen, which emphasize the crazy things of the characters. First up is the protagonist’s house: it’s a barrel, although Chavo refers to it as apartment number 8. this leads him to by all means avoid his landlord every time he collects rent.

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La Chilindrina is one of the most endearing characters in the series, although she is also the most shameless and venomous. From his father’s teachings, he knows how to deceive and manipulate people to achieve his goals with as little effort as possible. In general, Chilindrina irritates the other children in the neighborhood with each other, as she fights them to gain power, much in the style of the Latin maxim “divide and conquer”. Dona Florinda, in turn, is a woman who does not accept her social status and the economic class to which she belongs, but seems to live in a parallel dimension; However, he treats the other members of the neighborhood as uneducated beings and instills the same in Quico, who calls Dom Ramón a “rabble” in almost every episode. Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio, anyway, is the name of a Mexican rock band founded in 1985.

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