what is mustache

The hair that grows in the region of the face, which extends from the lower limit of the nose to the upper lip, is known as a mustache or mustache. These hairs are usually very noticeable in men who have reached adulthood, as is the case with beard hair, but their appearance at puberty is not ruled out. This type of hair that grows on men’s faces is usually accompanied by a beard and/or sideburns depending on the individual’s preferences. Many people use it as a good facade to hide a skin blemish or scars left after an injury, it can also be used simply as an ornament or according to the fashion of the time.

It is important to note that the mustache is normally associated with a masculine connotation, that is, it is accepted as a distinctive mark of men, for what reason, this does not usually happen with women, since, on the contrary, a woman who has a Mustache is not considered feminine in most people’s opinion.

Over the years the mustache has been a natural symbolism of masculinity and virility, in addition it also denotes class, wisdom, authority and power depending on the moment and society in which it is conceived.

On the other hand, as for the shaving of the plague, it is usually done with blades, in ancient times these blades were made of stone according to experts, this technique dates from the Neolithic, despite being the oldest representation that shows a Shaved man with a mustache is the view of the butler Ketty, who lived during the 6th dynasty.

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For several centuries in the armies of various countries it was a trend that prevailed for many years, and a wide variety of styles can be observed. Generally, the young and the lower classes wore a small, less stylized mustache; in turn, high-ranking officers and veterans used it much thicker. In certain regions of the world, it was mandatory for soldiers to wear a mustache.

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