What is Mousse?

Whipped cream is one of the mousse ingredients.

Mousse is a light, airy food made with a combination of eggs, whipped cream, gelatin and spices. It can be served hot or cold, and it can be savory or sweet, which might surprise people who think specifically of chocolate mousse, a popular dessert form of this food, when they hear the word. There are several ways to prepare and serve the mousse, making it an extremely varied dish. Many cookbooks have recipes for this dish, and you can also find specific recipes online, whether you’re a passionate pumpkin or asparagus mousse cook.

Some cooks use mint to make a dessert mousse.

Using whipped cream and eggs in the mousse creates air pockets that make the dish light and fluffy. The gelatin helps it stick, although some cooks only use eggs as a binder. As a result, the mousse has a solid shape, with a lightness that can make it quite refreshing, depending on the ingredients. Depending on the type, the dish can be served without a mold, or it can be served in the mold, usually in the form of individual portions.

The mousse is usually made with salmon.

Dessert mousses often incorporate whole or pureed berries and fruits, and layering is not uncommon. You can also find them made from various types of chocolate and spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Other cooks like to explore dessert ingredients like mint in their dishes. Dessert mousse is usually served cold, and may or may not be cooked, depending on the recipe; Raw mousse can pose a health risk unless it is made with pasteurized eggs.

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Dessert mice often incorporate berries.

Savory mousses are often made with seafood such as salmon, although meats and vegetables are also used. They are usually cooked, usually in a bain-marie, so that the ingredients do not curdle or break, and can be served hot or cold. A savory mousse is often accompanied by a sauce designed to enhance the flavor of the dish and is usually served unmolded, either as a single serving or on a central plate from which individual servings are cut.

This diverse family of foods originates from France, and many excellent examples of mousse can be found in that country and in restaurants around the world that serve French cuisine. If you want to try making your own at home, consider investing in a French cookbook, which will discuss the basics of this dish and provide you with some recipes to work with.

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