What is Micropore Tape?

The micropore tape is breathable and suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Micropore tape is a product used as part of wound care, especially for wounds that have compromised delicate or sensitive skin. This type of wound tape is often used to treat elderly patients who often have thin skin. Duct tape can be found at most drugstores and pharmacies, comes in various widths, and is usually available in white or brown. The material used to make this tape has pores that are 2 nanometers in diameter or, in some cases, even smaller. The tape’s pores make the product breathable, which means that skin underneath the tape is more likely to heal than skin covered in non-breathable products.

Micropore tape can be used to hold sterile gauze pads in place over the open wound.

One of the benefits of micropore tape is that because it is so gentle on the skin, it can be used to bandage wounds that need to be treated and bandaged frequently. Surgical or first aid tapes that are a little harsher on the skin can irritate it when they are applied and reapplied frequently over days or weeks. It is important to keep the skin around the injured area as healthy and protected as possible to promote healing. Also, if the skin around a wound becomes irritated or broken, there is a risk of infection and other complications.

Smaller injuries typically only require a small width of micropore tape.

Some people with especially sensitive skin keep microporous tape in their home first aid kits. People with sensitive or delicate skin can use this tape for even minor wounds and wounds that don’t need regular dressing changes. Sometimes in the film and television industry, micropore tape is also used to affix microphones to the skin. This is especially common when the people being registered have thin or sensitive skin. In these cases, the tan colored tape is usually used to blend it with the skin.

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Micropore tape can be included as part of a first aid kit.

The various thicknesses of micropore tape are used to treat wounds of various sizes. For example, a small cut, scratch, or incision can be made with small-width masking tape. When a large area of ​​skin is being treated, on the other hand, thicker micropore tape may be needed to hold the dressings in place. In a pinch, however, almost any thickness will serve to secure a bandage to the skin.

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