What is manned spacecraft “Shenzhou 5”

China’s first manned spacecraft. At 9 am on October 15, 2003, Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei took the Chinese-developed “Shenzhou V” spacecraft into space at the manned aerospace launch site of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu and flew 14 times. around the Earth. October 16 and 6 It landed safely at the main landing site in Inner Mongolia at 23:00. After completing a 21-hour space trip, China’s first manned aerospace flight was a complete success.

The Communist Party of China Central Committee, State Council and Central Military Commission sent congratulatory messages to all comrades who participated in the development, construction and testing of manned aerospace projects, including the General Armament Department, Defense Science National and Industry Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, State Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, observed the launch of the spacecraft at the scene.

He stressed that the successful launch of the “Shenzhou 5 manned spacecraft” is the glory of our great homeland and marks the country’s first manned spaceflight. The first flight victory also marks another milestone of great historical significance for the Chinese people on their journey to scale the world’s technological peak.

The “Shenzhou 5” spacecraft is a product with full intellectual property rights, independently designed and developed by China.

Its features are: design functions are implemented in a single step; a diameter of 2.5 meters, leaving room for development and space; after the spacecraft return, there is an orbital capsule in space Continue to do science experiments; the technical content of the equipment is much more advanced than when Russia and the United States launched the first spacecraft; manned spaceflight cost less than 1 billion yuan.

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On November 7, the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission held a grand meeting to celebrate the success of the first manned spaceflight at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Yang Liwei and others who have made important contributions to China’s aerospace industry were commended at the meeting.

Jiang Zemin, chairman of the Central Military Commission, awarded Yang Liwei the title of “Space Hero” and the “Space Medal of Merit”. On November 8, Jiang Zemin, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, signed an order to confer the honorary title of “Heroic Astronaut Team” on the Astronaut Team of the Institute of Aerospace Medical Engineering of the General Armament Department.

This historic breakthrough in China’s manned spaceflight industry is another glorious milestone in China’s high-tech field after the “two bombs and a satellite”. As a result, China became the third capable spaceflight in the world, after Russia and the United States. The member sent to space in the country.

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