What is Low Fat Alfredo Sauce?

Cups of skim milk, which can be used to make low-fat alfredo sauce.

The rich, creamy alfredo sauce is a delicious topping for pasta, chicken, and seafood, but unfortunately it’s too high in fat because it’s made with butter and heavy cream. Low-fat alfredo sauce is a healthier option for many people because it reduces calories and fat count, but retains the cheesy flavor. In most cases, it is best to prepare low-fat alfredo sauce at home; Bottled varieties may be easier, but low-fat varieties can be difficult to find, and those that reduce fat often increase the salt level to compensate.

Parmesan cheese is the main ingredient in traditional Alfredo sauce.

There are several different low-fat Alfredo sauce recipes that can be found online. The specific ingredients and measurements for these recipes vary, and it can be fun to experiment a bit to see what works well. There are some common substitutions, however. First, the sour cream found in a traditional alfredo sauce is usually replaced with skim or reduced-fat milk; some recipes also call for reduced-fat condensed milk. If butter is included in the recipe, it is usually a very small amount to add some flavor without adding too much fat.

Low-fat Alfredo sauce can be served over whole-wheat pasta for a healthier alternative.

Flour is used for thickening and grated Parmesan cheese is typically used for flavoring. For some people, this simple recipe is enough to make a low-fat Alfredo sauce for pasta. Others will add extra ingredients for flavor; minced garlic, for example, can be a great choice. Parsley, or a pinch of salt and pepper, can also add some zest to the recipe. To make it richer and creamier, some recipes also call for the addition of low-fat cream cheese, but this will increase the fat content, so it’s a less common inclusion and should be used sparingly.

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Making low-fat alfredo sauce at home doesn’t take long, although it’s important to keep an eye on it and stir constantly so it doesn’t burn. Many people will serve it over whole wheat pasta to keep it healthier; it is also delicious with grilled chicken or seafood. Mixing vegetables with the pasta, such as broccoli or bell peppers, and drizzling the low-fat alfredo sauce on top is another excellent choice. Kids are often big fans of cheese sauce on veggies, for example, and this can be a great way to get them to eat your veggies without adding too much fat to them.

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