What is Location?

The first thing we are going to do, before we get fully into the analysis of the meaning of the term location, is to proceed with the determination of the etymological origin of the word. This is how we can discover that it emanates from Latin and more exactly from the adverb ubi, which can be translated as “where”.

Location is the place where something is located or the action and effect of locating (putting, locating or installing in a certain place or space). The term can be associated with a certain geographic space. For example: “I need to know the location of your company to take your papers this afternoon”, “The location of the workshop is on Av. Bolívar 635, four blocks from the North Station” , “I have no idea of ​​my location, I think I’m lost” . Location usually depends on a frame of reference. To talk about a very specific place, like a house, an office, or a business, the location is known by the address (the street on which it is located). Of course, it will be necessary to have some knowledge of the streets of the city in question or a map of it, otherwise there will be no way to find the location. In case you don’t know the name of the streets, other references can help, such as a square, a monument or a nearby building: “I live in the Recoleta neighborhood: to give you an idea of ​​the place, I am three blocks from Plaza France ”

If the intention is to establish the location of a city, province or country, the geographic coordinate system can be very useful. It relies on the angular coordinates of latitude (north or south) and longitude (east or west) to determine the position on the Earth’s surface. Currently, the establishment of location is facilitated by the existence of GPS systems (Global Positioning System), which are based on satellite navigation. Nor can we forget that the term location is also used in fields such as cinematography. In this art, it is used as a synonym for location and defines the spaces and places that serve as a backdrop for a recording and that were not created for that purpose. That is, in many films, natural settings and even palatial constructions are sought to enable the filming of some of the sequences that make up the feature film. So, for example, many enclaves in Australia are known to have been used as locations or locations for the recording of his “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. All this without forgetting the bibliographic location, which refers to the placement and ordering of all types of documents. Likewise, it should be clear that in other countries the term location is used differently. A clear example of this is Cuba. In this Latin American country, they talk about what is known as a location ticket.

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It can be defined as the accreditation document that is given to all students who have completed their higher education and which makes it clear that they have been granted a particular job.

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