What is link?

A bond (from Latin vincŭlum) is a union, relationship, or bond of one person or thing to another. Therefore, two linked people or objects are linked, chained, related or tied together, either physically or symbolically.

For example: “I am proud of the bond I have with my son”, “Since I left the company, I no longer have a bond with any of these people” , “There is a close connection between fascism and violence” , “There are no links in the TV channels? I would like to try my luck as an actor”. The notion of link is often used to name the kind of invisible chain that exists in the close relationship between two people. This is why the bond between mother and child is considered indestructible. This means that in addition to the fights and arguments, there is something that will always bring the two together.

Consequently, terms like blood bond arise. With this, what he tries to express is the union between two people who belong to the same family, who have kinship relations. And all this without forgetting what is called an affective bond. It is used interchangeably to refer to the sentimental ties that a person maintains with another, either because they are part of the same family nucleus, or because they maintain a relationship of friendship or love. On many occasions, this type of relationship has been the leitmotif of novels and movies. An example of this is the case of the production “Strange Blood Bond”. In 1991, the film premiered, directed by Sean Penn and starring Vigo Mortensen, which tells us about the encounter between two brothers who haven’t seen each other for many years. Links, however, are generally not indestructible. Two people can maintain an intimate and close bond until, for various reasons, that bond comes to an end. This may be the case for a couple who are getting divorced and decide to end the marriage bond. On the Internet, a link or hyperlink (also known as a link, hyperlink or link) is an element of an electronic document that is related to another resource and that, as part of a network of documents, makes navigation possible. Links allow a person reading a web page to click on certain words or images to virtually go to another page. It should be noted that there are several types of links in the field of the Internet and computing:

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Image. It is the one that is based on the fact that clicking on an image takes us concretely to a certain link. of text. It is perhaps the most frequent of all. Thanks to it, when we click on a word or phrase, it takes us directly to another web page that will explain or expand the information. Internal. This is the type of hyperlink that what it does is the user clicking on it goes somewhere else on the same web page.

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