What is leave-in conditioner?

Leave-in conditioner can help moisturize dry hair.

Leave-in conditioner is a hair product that is applied after a person’s shower and remains in the hair until the next wash. Many regular hair conditioners are quite dense or contain oils and can be difficult to wash out to get that clean feeling. Leave-in conditioner tends not to rely on oils, which can make hair greasy, but instead uses products like glycerin, which can help soothe tangled hair or give dry hair some moisture.


Leave-in conditioner is most commonly applied immediately after shampooing.

There are several leave-in conditioners on the market and it can be difficult to judge how effectively they work; perhaps knowing why a person’s hair might benefit from using a leave-in conditioner will help determine its effectiveness. Hairdressers often say that moisturizing your hair is just as important as moisturizing your skin, and leave-in conditioner is a great moisturizer. If a person wants to get rid of tangled hair, cheap leave-in conditioners are probably just as effective as more expensive brands.

Using a leave-in conditioner can increase the appearance of dandruff.

Some other hair care products have a leave-in conditioner built in. People who use hair gel, mousse, styling cream, pomade, or wax may find that the light oils or glycerin in these products add extra moisture to their hair and can slightly protect it from sun exposure or styling damage. It is usually not necessary to use a leave-in conditioner when using other styling products.

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Using leave-in conditioner is a great way to hydrate your hair between washes.

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Most beauty supply stores carry a range of leave-in conditioners, and most stores that sell hair care products carry some version of the product, which can also be purchased online, but shipping costs are usually charged. There is a wide range of prices, from around $2 to $3 US Dollars (USD) for entry-level brands, to over $20 to $50 USD for the same size bottle made by a famous hair designer.

Within this range of products, consumers will find those made specifically for vegans, those with more chemical ingredients, different scents and different oils. There are many lesser-known brands that are relatively inexpensive, generally work well, and are made from more natural ingredients. The more popular brands, while they may have more chemicals, also tend to work really well.

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Leave-in conditioners that contain a lot of oil — and some do — can make your hair feel heavy or just plain greasy. It’s a good idea to test a few to see which one seems to provide moisture without making your hair look dirty. Beauty supply stores often sell samples of different brands for a fair price, or sometimes even for free, so consumers can test a product before committing to buy one they won’t use.

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