What is layered hair?

The face shape should be considered when choosing a layered hairstyle.

Layered hair is hair cut in layers to create a more dynamic hairstyle than hair cut straight and evenly. Depending on one’s goal, layered hair can appear to have more volume than it actually has, or layers can be added to create the illusion of length. There are many different styles of layered hair, ranging from choppy, edgy cuts that tend to look better on younger people, to more conservative layers that are suitable for older people.

When a stylist cuts their hair in layers, they pull the hair perpendicularly and cut it diagonally rather than straight. Diagonal cuts create hair of radically different lengths, with the hair settling into layers when the hairstyle is finished. In a basic layered cut, there are usually three layers, with the shortest near the top of the head, while the longest is the layer of hair underneath.

People can layer their entire head or keep their hair around their face to frame it. Layers can also be combined with bangs, curls and other hair styles. Some people like to dye their hair by layering it, adding highlights, streaks, and other color patterns that can help blend the layers together to make them look more natural.

Layers can be styled in different ways. Some women like very angular, choppy layers that are clearly visible, while others prefer softer layers that aren’t immediately obvious. Layers tend to work best with straight to wavy hair, as people with curly hair can end up with very puffy hair if layered, as the top layers tend to frizz out of the head. Many people view puffy or frizzy hair as undesirable and prefer to keep their curly hair one length to make it look even.

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Most hairdressers can cut layers on request, although as layered looks can be cut in radically different ways, it’s a good idea to bring along a photograph of the hairstyle you’re choosing. Live models work too, and if you know someone with a hairstyle you like, you might consider going to the stylist and requesting a similar version. Hairdressers can also offer advice on the type of layers that work best with someone’s hair, body type and facial structure: a good haircut can enhance someone’s natural beauty, while poorly or indifferently cut layered hair can be a disaster.

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