What is Kibebe?

Pumpkin is the main ingredient in kibebe.

Quibebe is a pumpkin-based soup popular in Brazil. In her native country, soup is often served as a precursor to a larger entree. Pumpkin is the main ingredient in kibebe and tasty side dishes such as onions and peppers are often added to the dish.

Unlike many other pumpkin soups, kibebe has a thick texture, more like a pur & eacutee than a soup. The dish originates from the Northeast of Brazil and, like many recipes that have been around for centuries, there are many variations in its preparation. Brazilian families often have specialized recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Kibebe is always served hot.

Cashews are often added to kibebe.

The base of every true kibebe is the pumpkin. The pumpkin is peeled and cut into small squares. Cooks short on time may choose to purchase pre-cut pumpkin in the produce section of most large supermarkets. The pumpkin is then boiled on a stove in water until tender. It is mashed by hand or purified in a food processor to a homogeneous consistency. Pumpkin, or other squash, can be used in place of squash.

Kibebe is more of a puree than a soup.

After the pumpkin has been prepared, various other flavors and spices are added. Garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper are common spices found in the dish. Some prefer a spicier dish and add red pepper to the mix. Tomatoes and corn are also often found in kibabe to give the dish more vegetables and vary its texture. The ingredients are combined in a large pot before serving, and a little liquid broth can be added to thin out its consistency.

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Pumpkin preparation for making kibebe includes peeling, dicing, boiling and crushing the pumpkin.

Brazilian cuisine generally varies by region, depending on the availability of vintages in that particular part of the country. The immediate availability of pumpkin in the northeast of the country has led to the popularity of kibebe. This part of Brazil enjoys a tropical climate, allowing for the cultivation of many different fruits and vegetables. The taste of the dish is influenced by dishes found in Africa, as well as many foods popular in the Northeast region of Brazil.

Other common foods found in the Northeast region of Brazil include a traditional dish of rice and white beans, cashew nuts, seafood, and specialty breads. Many fruits are grown and consumed in this area, including mangoes and papayas. Cashew is a local crop and a common addition to many recipes. Quibebe is also often consumed in Argentina.

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