What is it used?

Used derives from the verb to use (to use, to use, to make something serve). As an adjective, therefore, the term allows qualifying what has already been used and which, therefore, acquires the characteristics of what is spent with its use.

For example: “Yesterday, at the fair, I bought eight used books for only forty pesos”, “Investigators found used pants at the crime scene”, “Did you know that vegetable oil used in the kitchen can turn into biodiesel?” . The concept is easy to understand if we consider the case of automobiles. When a vehicle leaves the factory it is considered new, as it has not been put into operation for any purpose other than quality control. It is, therefore, what we know as a zero kilometer car, an expression that in this context can be used as a synonym for “new”, as it indicates that it has not been used as a means of transport.

On the other hand, once your first trip is completed in the hands of its owner, that same vehicle will have become a used car. It is likely that it has driven more than a thousand or two thousand kilometers and that this operation has affected the engine, suspension and other elements of the vehicle. A used car, in this way, has a price of less than zero kilometer, as its components are deteriorated by the use itself. Used items divide consumers into two large groups: on the one hand, there are those people who never buy second-hand products, usually for fear of being mistreated or of hiding flaws not mentioned in the ads; on the other, many bargain hunters, who are not afraid to buy something used, as long as it meets their needs. If we look at the success of sites like eBay and Amazon, which dedicate a good part of their catalogs to used items from a large number of categories, it goes without saying that fear of damage does not prevent millions of users from investing in their products. . Favorite products, although they may have belonged to other people before. Among the advantages of buying a used item is the reduced price: although there are some sellers who do not seem willing to “lose” a lot of money on their transactions, it is known that the best tactic is not to demand more than half the original price. The most patient and astute shoppers often close unbeatable deals, whether using discount coupons or taking advantage of auctions. As far as the types of used products that are usually offered for sale are concerned, the limits seem to be very small: from computers and appliances to jewelry and clothes, everything that no longer serves us can be converted into cash, following a few steps. simple to create an ad on our favorite platform.

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People or situations are sometimes said to be used by someone for a specific purpose. A journalist can accuse a deputy of having used a flood for personal political gain. A guerrilla group, on the other hand, can be condemned by the international community for having used minors as fighters. On a personal level, it is common to hear that someone has felt used by a loved one and that this represents a terrible disappointment. When we realize that a friend or family member has manipulated us for benefits, and that we have not been part of a sincere relationship but a sham, the emotional blow can be extremely difficult to overcome.

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