What is human resource development?

Good human resource development can mean happier employees and more productivity.

In the context of the world of work, human resource development is the process of helping employees improve their careers and interpersonal skills at work. This can be accomplished through workforce training, career development, performance management and organizational development programs. Human resource development is an ongoing process monitored by teams of human resources professionals and senior management.

Human resource development is an ongoing process monitored by teams of human resources professionals and senior management.

Human resource development can be managed in a number of ways at the corporate level. Many companies institute a formal workforce training program conducted in-house by training managers and experienced employees. Training and continuous learning are encouraged as part of the human resource development process.

In some organizations, human resource development is carried out through mentoring. Employees joining an organization can be paired with team leaders during the onboarding process and once certain learning levels are reached, they have more responsibilities under the guidance and approval of mentors. Once a high skill level is established, employees are then asked to mentor new hires.

Human resource development often includes hiring and training qualified employees.

A big part of the human resource development process is helping employees to be able to assume advanced roles within the organization. This allows the creation of new departments and the enhancement of customer service. In addition, employees have clear goals set to encourage performance and promotion within the organization.

Human resources can handle productivity issues.

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Human resource professionals recognize that development is an integral process for improving productivity levels in an organization. Being able to produce more work in efficient ways creates overall success for the company. Human resource development makes employees happier and more willing to complete tasks for the betterment of the organization as a whole.

HR experts can offer employees wellness incentives to stop unhealthy behaviors.

When organizations seek to improve workforce conditions, human resource development programs are put in place to increase employee well-being, satisfaction and productivity levels. Programs such as employee assistance, health and wellness, training, employee coaching and educational incentives often encourage employees to develop skills and take on more challenging projects. Human resource professionals can lead employees through the process of achieving more and achieving more work-life balance.

An added benefit of instituting a human resource development program within an organization is that, ultimately, customers will receive better service and this will increase the company’s revenues. When employees are happy and encouraged to do their jobs, they respond more positively, which creates happy customers. Satisfied customers are paying customers and often refer others, which increases the organization’s ability to serve more customers within the industry.

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