What is human life?

Life, in its broadest sense, is a concept that refers to existence. The notion generally refers to the activity performed by an organic being or, more precisely, to its ability to be born, develop, reproduce and die. Human, on the other hand, is what is proper to man as a species.

This means that human life is the existence of the human being. If we focus on a single individual, the so-called human life would begin with his birth and extend until the moment of his death. The beginning of human life, however, is a matter of religious and philosophical debate. Some consider that an individual’s life begins when his mother gives birth to him. In this case, therefore, the beginning of human life is associated with birth.

Others, on the other hand, point out that human life begins at the moment of fertilization: when the male gamete (sperm) and the female gamete (egg) fuse. This causes life to be attributed to the fetus, embryo and zygote. Different ideas about human life that later lead to a clear debate about abortion. And it is that those who consider that a human being is a human being at the moment he is a gamete are absolutely against the termination of pregnancy and even qualify this action as homicide. Regarding death as the end of human life, although there is a consensus that death occurs when the subject stops breathing and is no longer able to maintain homeostasis , there are those who believe that there is a late “life”, which is linked to the spiritual and not the physical body. It is also important to note that, in human life, several factors come into play that are not present in the lives of other living beings. Human beings, unlike animals, are aware of themselves and their mortal condition. He also guides his actions according to morality, not acting on instinct alone. In addition to all this, we cannot ignore that human life is not only talked about on planet Earth, but there are also numerous theories and doubts about whether or not it would be possible on other planets such as, for example, Mars. But similarly, another debate is whether human or extraterrestrial life exists there without our being aware of it. As to whether it would be viable for humans to live on Mars, much remains to be investigated and established. However, the data that has reached our hands so far indicate that at the moment no person could last more than 20 seconds on that planet if they weren’t wearing a spacesuit. He wouldn’t survive, he would lose consciousness because the atmospheric pressure is too low.

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Likewise, it was highlighted that on that planet there are much colder temperatures, reaching -140ยบ, and what fundamentally exists on it is carbon dioxide.

However, in favor of human life being able to exist, are that the Martian day is similar to that of Earth and that it would allow cultivation.

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