what is horn

It is an artifact that produces noise, there are several types of loudspeakers, in which they basically differ in the sound they emit, from now on they have a particular use. The conception of a horn is prehistoric, the fundamental idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese is that with the sound they produce, people are alerted to an event that will soon occur. There are many references to life-saving horns in contemporary history, for example horns and loudspeakers that alerted people in WWII that a bomber plane was approaching or some attack on the base.

Speakers usually have a conical shape, like a trumpet, because the conical shape of the surface improves the flow of the sound wave that the speaker produces. This sound wave is produced by air passing through the blades at angles placed in that position so that the friction produces a noise. Let’s review the main types of speakers we see every day on the street:

Instrument with which vehicles request passage or alert in case of proximity of a blunt object. Also known as a bugle or bugle. It is called a horn, the telephone receiver, where the person on the other end is heard high-pitched sound, are generally used to animate sporting or cultural events. In many sports, in addition to popular shooting, a horn is also used to signal the departure of competitors. In companies where the change of personnel is done by shift, they are warned about the end of the shift and the beginning of the next one by means of the sound emitted by a horn. The horns that brought the first vehicles to be put on sale in the world, consisted of a horn with a rubber bulb at the tip, which, when pressed, expelled the air necessary for the sound to be emitted through the cone.
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