What is Hallula?


Hallulla is a kind of bread popular in some Latin American countries. This type of baked round bread is particularly popular in Chile, where it is used to make sandwiches. Bolivia and other Latin American countries also use this type of bread.

Typically, hallulla is made from basic ingredients. The main ingredients are flour and water, along with elements like milk and butter. Salt and some yeast ingredient can also be added.

An interesting part of the background to this food is the way hallulla is made. Traditionally, bread was made by hand. Nowadays, cooks often use various machines to help with their production.

A common way to make hallulla initially involves rolling out the dough with an automatic rolling pin. An alternative is to place the dough on the table and roll it with a rolling pin. In either case, the result should be a thin, flat sheet of dough, long and wide.

When working with the entire sheet of dough, cooks typically stamp circular patterns on the dough with some sort of cutting tool. Some of the most experienced cooks can stamp these pieces extremely quickly, at an attractive pace, as part of an advanced presentation for bakeries where the public can be present. These circular cutouts are placed in greased pans.

To cook hallulla, workers place these pans in ovens or heating conveyors. Many recipes call for this dish to be cooked in about 10 minutes. Automated systems can also be used for bread making, where an automatic belt can cut the circular pieces and cook the dough according to pre-set automated temperatures and times.

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A common type of sandwich made with hallulla is called a chacarero or “farmer’s sandwich”. These types of sandwiches can include meat or vegetarian ingredients. Usually cheese and chili sauce are added. Lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables are common additions. Various sauces can be used to flavor the sandwich. These can be served whole or cut in half; Chacareros are compact and easy to eat, making them a popular way to use this type of bread.

In addition to chacareros, other types of sandwiches can also use hallulla. Some restaurants may use this to serve breakfast sandwiches. Elsewhere, the pan hallulla is an authentic presentation of world cuisine. Cooks around the world are familiar with this one, as one of the many ethnic varieties of bread around the world.

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