What is hair texturizer?

Hair Texturizer is a cream created to loosen and smooth the curls of a person with naturally curly hair.

Hair texturizer is a product designed to loosen curls for people with naturally curly hair. It is a processing cream that is placed on the hair for a short period of time and results in looser curls. It is a shorter process than relaxation, in which the ripple is completely removed.

The hair texturizer allows the client to maintain the type of curl they naturally have, but removes the stiffness. For example, if someone has tight round or S-shaped curls naturally, the looser curls resulting from a texturizer will still be round and S-shaped, respectively.

The hair texturizer changes the chemical composition of the hair to loosen the curls.

Similar to any chemical alteration process, a hair texturizer changes the chemical makeup of the hair. A strand of hair contains several chemicals that give it a particular look. A disulfide bond, a bond between two sulfur atoms, is one that allows a wire to maintain its shape. When this bond is manipulated, the shape of a hair can be changed.

A stylist should be consulted before a person does their own at-home hair texturizing treatment.

First, a reducing agent is placed on the hair to break the disulfide bonds. Then the hair is manipulated into the desired shape. It can be straightened for a relaxer, curled for a perm or, in this case, textured into looser curls. Finally, an oxidizing agent is introduced to redefine the disulfide bonds in the newly formed form.

Maintenance is important to keep newly formed curls in shape. Combs should be avoided after texturizing application as they can break fragile hair. Cream-based hair moisturizers are recommended rather than protein-based. The protein in some moisturizers can cause hair to become increasingly brittle and contribute to breakage.

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Some hair products used for texturizing may require multiple washes to completely remove from the hair.

Chemical texturing should not be repeated more than once every few months at most. Regular repetition can cause curls to be completely removed and even cause hair loss. As the chemicals used can cause hair loss, it is always recommended to consult a professional before attempting the process.

There are very few natural alternatives to the chemical hair texturizer. Many products that claim to be all-natural still include chemicals as part of their ingredient list. There is a short list of products that can meet all natural criteria. They have a much shorter lead time and therefore need to be repeated much more often than their chemical counterparts, a sacrifice that those desiring a truly natural product are willing to make.

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