What is hair straightening gel?

The straightening gel should provide extra hold.

For men and women with curly hair, straightening the hair strands requires a heating tool or a product like hair straightening gel. Sold by several beauty brands, this gel frees the curls from the strands, allowing them to be flat and straight on the head. The product also gives extra hair hold and helps control frizzy or fly-away hair.

Hair straightening gel is normally applied immediately after washing and before drying.

Like most hair products, the straightening gel can be used every day or just occasionally when the user wants to achieve a different look. Hair gel works in several different ways. For example, once applied, its weight acts against the curls of the hair strands, pulling the strands down so they are straight. As the product dries, it helps to lock the style in place, keeping the hair straight until the product is shampooed. As the gel coats the hair strands, it also helps to reduce frizz caused by moisture in the air.

The hair straightening gel can be removed with a mild shampoo.

Traditional straightening methods cause damage to the hair. Stylists apply a chemical solution and use heat to relax curls and waves, but while this process takes several weeks, the combination of chemicals and heat causes hair strands to break and split at the ends. The chemical solution can also remove hair, making strands appear dull.

Some hair straightening gels are designed to help smooth damaged hair.

Unlike professional treatments or heat tools, the straightening gel does not damage the hair strands. A hair straightener can be used at home to temporarily straighten wavy or curly hair. This tool generates heat and is applied to the hair strands, forcing them to remain flat. As with professional heating tools, however, this heat damages the hair. Straightening gels generally do not contain a high level of chemicals and do not require heat to work.

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Some hair straighteners are specifically formulated for use on very curly hair.

Applying hair straightening gel is a simple process. A penny to a quarter sized amount of the product is poured on top of wet hair. After application, the product is brushed or manually pulled through the hair. After application, the hair can be dried with a hairdryer or left to dry naturally.

Removing the straightening gel is also simple. Washing the entire head with a mild shampoo in cold or lukewarm water will remove the product. After washing, a small amount of straightening gel may remain on the hair. In these cases, a second wash with a mild shampoo is necessary to remove any remaining product.

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