What is grounding used for?

Dirt removed from a construction site is reused for infill along the base of a foundation wall.

Backfill, or backfill, is an aggregate removed from a construction site as part of the construction process. Rather than simply being transported and disposed of, this aggregate is often used for some purpose that is not only practical but also environmentally friendly. It can be used for tasks such as protecting foundations, landscaping, or filling voids that would weaken underground structures.

The excavators carry the dirt that will be transferred to other areas of the construction site.

Perhaps one of the most common uses of this material is to provide some protection along the base of a foundation wall. After the excavation of the construction site is completed, the foundation is laid on the site. To give the foundation wall more support, the excavated earth is firmly compacted around the entire perimeter of the foundation. This effectively helps to minimize displacement and provides a more stable environment for the structure that is erected on the foundation.

A second application for landfill is found in mining operations. When various types of ores are removed from the ground, a void is left where the harvested veins used to reside. In order to maintain the integrity of the mine and allow for the continued expansion of the underground mining operation, aggregate is used to fill these voids. This will minimize the chances of one or more chambers in the mine shaft collapsing as the mining procedure continues.

Infill can also be put to good use when landscaping around a home, a new commercial building, or even when changing the land configuration in preparation for a new stretch of road or highway. With this application, material is brought in from another location and used to fill in or build out sections of the terrain. The aggregate makes it possible to level the ground surface so that the area around a newly built house can be landscaped with trees and various types of flora and fauna.

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At the same time, the embankment can be transported to a relatively flat area and used to build ramps that are necessary for the construction of overpasses common in many road systems. By packing the material tightly, the raised sections easily accommodate the construction of a connecting bridge that allows a viaduct to be erected over a forking road or street, effectively allowing the flow of traffic to proceed more efficiently.

Backfill is also used to surround pipes that are buried below the surface. With this application, the filling helps protect the pipe from damage, a function that is particularly important when the pipe carries electrical wiring or natural gas. The earth’s natural buffer helps absorb surface vibrations that would otherwise weaken pipes over time, causing disruptions to utilities or creating health hazards for anyone living in the area.

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