What is Green Pepper Relish?

Green peppers, also known as bell peppers, are available at most grocery stores.

The versatility and ease of growing green peppers make it a perennial choice for cooking and canning around the world. The combination of chopped green peppers with selected flavorful spices and vegetables produces the green pepper flavoring. One can enjoy a seasonal abundance of green chili by preparing batches of green chili condiment for immediate use and canning some for later. The recipes we usually find in cookbooks vary by country and region.

Green pepper condiment mixes fresh green peppers with onions.

To make a simple green chili seasoning, simply wash and seed the green chilies and combine them with diced onions. Both vegetables have enough water to make them relatively easy to mix. The bright flavor of the green peppers and the sweetness of the onion make for a mild flavored condiment suitable for serving as a side dish or as a side dish.

Cooks who have a more adventurous palate have created variations on the basic condiment recipe. Depending on the source, green pepper seasoning recipes can include garlic, tomatoes, and herbs like basil. Olive oil appears in Mediterranean-inspired recipes for raw and cooked seasonings.

Adding chopped celery adds to the crunchy texture and makes the condiment slightly salty. Incorporating diced peppercorns or mild banana pepper yields a tangy, tangy flavoring. Vinegar, commonly used in pickled vegetable condiments, adds a layer of acidity to the condiment profile, resulting in something akin to pickle flavoring. When using vinegar in a condiment recipe, it is often necessary to balance the acidity of the vinegar by adding sugar.

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Preparing seasoning for future use requires gathering the green pepper seasoning ingredients for a standard or preferred recipe and then cooking the mixture before storage. Canning recipes often combine green peppers with sugar, vinegar, onions and spices such as garlic. These recipes suggest cooking the main ingredients in water along with a sachet of pickled spices. After the condiment mixture has been cooked for the time suggested by the recipe, remove the sachet and place the condiment in preserves to seal.

Home cooks who make green pepper seasoning have the option of preserving the cooked recipe ingredients with commonly sold gelatin products for making jam. This canning method is similar to regular canning, but powdered pectin is added to the green pepper seasoning along with the required amount of liquid. The final product is a tasty condiment suspended in the gelatin mixture. As with regular canning, one should follow the instructions carefully and use the proper equipment to safely produce green pepper seasoning using this technique.

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