What is Gravel Mulch? (with photos)

Used for sidewalks and pedestrian paths, the gravel cover prevents soil erosion and provides a stable surface.

Gravel mulch is a material used for landscaping driveways, walking paths and flower beds. The different types of gravel mulch include crushed gravel, stone gravel, pea gravel, and chips. Landscaping gravel differs from traditional mulch in that it does not deteriorate over time. Gravel mulch also helps prevent soil erosion and creates a firm foundation for walking or driving.

Crushed gravel is a type of gravel mulch often used for walkways and sidewalks.

Crushed gravel is a mixture of small rocks, silt, clay and sand. Landscaping with gravel mulch made of this type of mix is ‚Äč‚Äčtypically limited to driveways because it allows for compaction and can support the weight of vehicles. Crushed gravel is cheaper than other types of gravel mulch, which makes it preferable for the large areas that sidewalks often cover.

Crushed rock is typically used to create gravel mulch.

Stone gravel, on the other hand, is made entirely of small pebbles. This type of gravel mulch is available in literally infinite numbers of shades due to variations in the stone from which the gravel is made. Stone gravel is much more expensive than crushed gravel, so it is mostly used in smaller areas such as flower beds and around trees and shrubs.

The river rock was softened by the river water.

The most common types of stone gravel are made from lava rock or river rock. Lava rock, as the name suggests, is the product of volcanoes. The most common lava rock is reddish brown and is much lighter and more porous than other types of gravel mulch. River rock is the smooth, variegated pebbles collected from river beds and classified according to size.

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Pea gravel is the term used to describe small, pea-sized pebbles used in landscaping. It is often used to decorate passages or patios. The two main ways pea gravel is sold is the smooth and rough style. Smooth-style pea gravel is the smallest pooled river rock. After the grading process, any small pieces are taken out of the stone gravel product and sold as pea gravel.

Rough-style pea gravel is made when quarries are blasting larger rocks into smaller, manageable sizes. The small pieces left over from this process are rough and sometimes irregular. They are classified in varying sizes, with the smallest used as gravel in landscaping applications.

Rock chips such as marble and brick are also used as a gravel cover. Marble chips are most often used in flower beds because the bright white chips contrast well with the greenery. Brick chips are used on sidewalks or walkways and are available in colors ranging from light brown to deep red.

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